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Tom Mannion's Joe Keller shiftily stalks the lawn outside his 1940s American dream house as his denial that he killed 21 airmen by selling damaged aircraft parts shakes and collapses.
As their departure date looms, underlying tensions break forth and Andy is seen shiftily disappearing off to a mystery address.
But these shirts are not long enough, and I find I am tucking them in 80 or 90 times a day, which makes me look shiftily uncomfortable.
The Duke of Buckingham, even more shiftily, argues that it is "womannishe feare, naye womannishe frowardnesse" that is responsible for the Queen's decision, "for I dare take it vppon my soule, she well knoweth she needeth no such thyng to feare, either for her sonne or for her selfe" (28).
A cardboard box the size of a maisonette, stood as shiftily as a robber's dog, waiting to take flight like the Gingerbread Man, at the first whiff of breeze.
Sunita works out where Karl's getting all his gambling money from when he acts rather shiftily around the pub till.
His eyes were in the back of his head as we passed the man and his dog, and Harry looked shiftily sideways at me, perhaps for reassurance.
Some drinkers outside the Shepherds Arms saw the two youths outside the shop acting shiftily before walking down Cowcliffe Hill Road.