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Are there chapter meetings of Conservatives Anonymous where men sidle shiftily in to declare: ``My name is Derek and I've been Tory for 20 years''?
And that is precisely what stories do: give us access to oth erwise hidden, censored, unsayable thoughts and feelings now shiftily disclosed in the guise of plot and character.
His example demolishes both those who say that only combat-hardened men can judge other veterans, and those who shiftily maintain that those who weren't actually there have no business making judgments.
Gilman, in fact, hasn't written people; instead, she sends human pawns moving shiftily through an academic milieu comprised in equal measure of aggrieved sensitivities and ceaselessly apologetic smiles.
A shiftily defensive President, a moody and bitter-looking First Lady, gaggles of chattering, speculating Congressman and chorus lines of excited media commentators, not to mention selssured lawyers (whose fees were guaranteed whatever the outcome) and i ncreasingly anxious-sounding official spokesmen - the entire cast of them was re-assembled, for another run of White House Follies 1974.
Aaron and Paddy are acting shiftily, but it's Chrissie who is arrested as the gun has gone missing from the safe at Home Farm.
Their unbeaten League One record was heading shiftily out the door in his briefcase.
Yet, it's interesting that Henson felt the need not only to smuggle a twocarat diamond back from Dubai and shiftily borrow his boss's chopper, but also deliberately to choose the day after Charl's birthday when he new she'd be hung over so a bit "sketchy".
Then there's the queuing to meet the teachers - a bit like standing shiftily outside the head's office - to wait for the verdict on your child's performance.
As the night wore on and became more raucous, a young man shiftily slipped into the great hall almost unnoticed and approached Pwyll, saying that he sought a favour of him.