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After considering these key points, the shift-by-wire ECU (SBW ECU) was introduced to perform judgment of shift inputs and parking mechanism shifting, and the shift function for driving force direction was allocated to the powertrain ECU.
It is clear that courts have the authority to shift attorney-review costs from nonparty subpoena recipients onto requesting parties, and in the world of paper discovery such shifting did happen.
A contribution to the history of leisure, recreation, and tourism, Shifting Shore offers a sequel to Alain Corbin's The Lure of the Sea: The Discovery of the Seaside in the Western World.
For Kumea and me, Shifting reflects our own lives as well as the journeys of the many women with whom we spoke.
In Tax Regulations in English, the IRS acknowledges it will have to better document its work both before and during litigation so it is prepared to argue whether the taxpayer meets the three requirements for shifting the burden of proof.
When the idea of tax shifting is explained to them, most people will endorse it, which is reflected in public opinion polls.
In a number of previous decisions the Tax Court rejected the economic family theory, but nevertheless found that risk shifting and risk distribution were not present when a captive provided insurance primarily to related parties.
From documentary in the 1960s to conceptually-based work in the 1990s, Shifting Tides marks the existence of a photographic tradition that continually examines Cuba and its people.
3) Further, by shifting costs to employers, the proposed regulations undermine the cost-containment goal of many employers that offer health benefits through a cafeteria plan.