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After considering these key points, the shift-by-wire ECU (SBW ECU) was introduced to perform judgment of shift inputs and parking mechanism shifting, and the shift function for driving force direction was allocated to the powertrain ECU.
[15] modified the theoretical shifting schedule of a tractor and claimed that the tractor performance had been improved, whereas no tractor running condition analysis existed prior to and following gear shifting.
When there is capacity to accommodate girls students in first shift then why the girls have been exposed to security threat by shifting them to second shift, they questioned.
The dozer engages the conveyor and applies lateral shifting forces to move the conveyor structure without the need to dismantle the conveyor.
In this paper, a gear shifting control algorithm is designed for a single-axle parallel PHEV equipped with EMT.
Plain and simple: bring your roller to a complete stop before shifting.
It is clear that courts have the authority to shift attorney-review costs from nonparty subpoena recipients onto requesting parties, and in the world of paper discovery such shifting did happen.
A contribution to the history of leisure, recreation, and tourism, Shifting Shore offers a sequel to Alain Corbin's The Lure of the Sea: The Discovery of the Seaside in the Western World.
Not only are more companies announcing production shifts out of the United States than three years ago, but they are also shifting production to more, and often shifting production to multiple, offshore and nearshore destinations at the same time.
At the beginning there is a preparatory study for third position shifting, which offers a very useful description of pre-shifting exercises.
Shifting away from a behavioral assessment and returning to a personality-level feature alluded to earlier provides a different perspective on Sue's case.