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If the heads of the Durbeyfield household chose to sail into difficulty, disaster, starvation, disease, degradation, death, thither were these half-dozen little captives under hatches compelled to sail with them--six helpless creatures, who had never been asked if they wished for life on any terms, much less if they wished for it on such hard conditions as were involved in being of the shiftless house of Durbeyfield.
I have seen a criticism on some paintings, of which I am reminded when I see the shiftless and unhappy men who are not true to their senses.
As the wife of the squatter concluded, she raised a hollow, taunting laugh, that was echoed from the mouths of several juvenile imitators, whom she was training to a life as shiftless and lawless as her own; but which, notwithstanding its uncertainty, was not without its secret charms.
Miss Wren was busy at her work by candle-light, and Mr Wrayburn, half amused and half vexed, and all idle and shiftless, stood by her bench looking on.
1BALOO The Jungle book (1967) BALOO steals the show as Mowgli's shiftless, mentor in Disney's version of Kipling's classic.
In the early 1980s, Conrad began to make such thematizations of power explicit in pieces like Beholden to Victory, an "army film" that implicates its audiences in the dynamics of surly officers and shiftless, insubordinate privates.
The biggest one, she said, is the perception that shiftless, lazy immigrants enter our borders for all the free stuff -- the generous welfare benefits and EBT cards that will enable them to live high off the hog.
30PM Shiftless cowpokes Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward fight giant mutant worms in an endearing tribute to the creaturefeatures of the Atomic 50s - funny, exciting, vastly superior to the knock-off sequels.
The same band of shiftless young full-blood Blackfeet men who murdered Clarke had killed whites after the Civil War.
You find today's youngsters lazy, shiftless, spoilt, pampered, ill mannered louts .
THE proponents of Workfare imply the unemployed are lazy shiftless and possibly criminal and that there are a record number of jobs available.
So it was no biggie for Ross to go shiftless for his role as Brady in Disney Channel's Teen Beach Movie.