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58) In The Wog Boy and Fat Pizza, this paradox is reflected in the ultimate banality of each protagonist's stereotypical identity, a combination of migrant shiftlessness and Australian vulgarity.
40-49) </pre> <p>The shiftlessness of Wordsworth's frame of mind is evoked by the pace of his schedule--from the site where the Fete de la Federation had been held the previous summer, to the militant working-class district of Faubourg St Antoine, to the revolutionary meeting houses in Montmartre, to the Pantheon where the great revolutionary statesman Comte de Mirabeau had recently been buried.
Worse, it is the seeming shiftlessness of Democratic candidates that makes them so unappealing.
The memory of his father's shiftlessness makes Chad angry; he's not too pleased with the world in general, in fact, and wishes his mother would let him take a real job.
The safety and ideological security of the South required that pilfering, slowdowns, absenteeism, tool breaking, and other acts of black working-class resistance be turned into ineptitude, laziness, shiftlessness, and immorality.
Watt makes use of several staples of the 'Big House' novel: mistreated servants, including Watt; the questionable morals of a local fisherman's wife, Mrs Gorman; the shiftlessness of a pair of local workmen, 'the Galls, father and son'; and the physical misery of a diseased but prolific peasant family named Lynch.
Nick's confidence about the social distance that separates him from Myrtle allows him to mock the pretensions Tom's money allows her: "Myrtle raised her eyebrows in despair at the shiftlessness of the lower orders.
She talked about money, and his failure to find work; and when she mentioned the lady of his choice, it was not as a siren who had stolen his love, but as the cause of the shiftlessness that had lately come over him.
It is as if Marxism had never collapsed of the dry rot engendered by its exaltation of shiftlessness, sloth, and backwardness.
He attacks with vitriol the Jews of Brody, a city in the eastern Austro-Hungarian Empire, for their poverty, misery, shiftlessness, unwillingness to work, primitive sanitary habits, money-grubbing natures, and other self-inflicted problems not "as usually supposed forced upon them by Christian prosecutors" (44, 55, 63, 95).
She writes that "he piqued himself on the readiness with which he became interested in these people) entered into their thoughts and feelings, obtained a comprehensive idea of the machinery of life in this wilderness" and "regarded with contempt" his fellow sportsman's annoyance at the mountaineers, with "their narrow prejudices, their mental poverty, their idle shiftlessness, their uncouth dress and appearance" (262).
laziness, immorality, lack of intelligence, ignorance, criminal proclivities, shiftlessness, lasciviousness), it will still be possible to maintain a system of oppression based upon the notion that Black is somehow evil and bad.