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But whether private security guards can - or, indeed, should - be trained to look out for shifty behaviour by potential attackers is another question.
Shifty launched Thursday as a Nintendo Switch console exclusive, but that particular port of the game isn't running as advertised.
Shifty and Sam are two reformed robbers who have turned from a life of crime to a career in baking.
But the operation is dangerous, and the Shoe Store Man looks shifty. "Frisk him," says S.A.M.
Paramedics tried to save Alan, known to his friends as Shifty, at the scene.
Miami, FL, May 29, 2015 --( An innovative and highly functional twist on a widely used product, the Shifty Watch, has been developed by Victor McKenzie of Bakersfield, California.
" He predicts David Cameron will do well in the debates but adds: "He is usually seen to be an astute politician but we have seen that he is also slightly shifty about dcult questions.
Tenders are invited for Retrieval of Spreading Of Coarse Sand For Bed Preparation/ Spreading Of Charcoal/ Dry Coal/ Diesel As Required In Relay Shifty To Maintain Boiler Fire, Draining Of Sand During Operation/ Screening Of Drained Out Material/ Recharging Of Screened Coarse Sand To Firing Chamber, Charging Of Chemicals In DM Plant/ Boiler As Required
From being nine points behind leaders Alinghi overnight, McMillan and his team of Nasser Al Mashari, Sarah Ayton, Pete Greenhalgh and Kinley Fowler moved three points ahead of their Swiss rivals to top the series ranking having posted two podium places in the only two races possible on a day shortened by light and shifty winds.
A shifty, and slightly panicked, Les and Charlie eventually agree.