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Shifty to the occasional frame drops featured in Nintendo's own Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.
The Shifty Watch helps insure its users that their mobile devices are always kept adequately charged.
Shifty and Sam work hard to whip up wonderful treats for the party and they discover their culinary talents are a huge hit
UNDERWEIGHT, shifty and with a diffident demeanour Carl Mills was about as far from appearing intimidating in court as possible.
When asked whether she's been offered any acting roles following her stint on reality TV - she looked a bit shifty and said: "Well, no.
Whether you are someone who has never served in the military, served for a short time, or served for many years, Shifty 's War will touch your heart.
THE Monty Python team were not "unpleasant shifty people" trying to do people out of their just deserts, the High Court heard.
He plays shifty lawyer Darren Vogel, the sort of role this ex-pat has been playing for decades, so it'll be interesting to see who chews the scenery more, him or David Caruso.
There was very, very shifty winds but it was a good start.
Fortunately Sunday brought an ideal shifty 10 to 20 knot south easterly breeze off the land which provided challenging racing conditions with plenty of passing opportunities in the closely matched fleet.
Shifty Powers grew up in a remote mining town in Appalachia where he honed his tracking, hunting, and rifle shooting skills.