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You are always taking something of that sort in your head," replied Minerva, "and that is why I cannot desert you in your afflictions; you are so plausible, shrewd and shifty.
They seemed hardly young to Philip, but perhaps they were not more than twenty-five: the elder, Thekla, was as short as her mother, with the same, rather shifty air, but with a pretty face and abundant dark hair; Anna, her younger sister, was tall and plain, but since she had a pleasant smile Philip immediately preferred her.
It was an odious face--crafty, vicious, malignant, with shifty, light-gray eyes and white lashes.
She had thought him shifty, cruel, and untrustworthy, yet in so far as she had reason to believe he had proved himself in every way the contrary since the day before.
She wondered, and when she looked at him--at his close-set, shifty eyes and repulsive features, she shuddered, for she was convinced that no lofty characteristics could be hid behind so foul an exterior.
Monty lay on the ground watching him with red, shifty eyes.
This learned gentleman here is rather a shifty sort of chap; and it strikes me that two of us isn't a bit too much to watch him.
The keys of the mountain passes still lay in the hands of the shifty and ignoble Charles of Navarre, who had chaffered and bargained both with the English and with the Spanish, taking money from the one side to hold them open and from the other to keep them sealed.
Moonlight was streaming into the room, and it was bright with a vague and shifty radiance.
Tope by shifty resources in which he is an adept, Deputy peeps, sharp-eyed, through the bars, and stares astounded from the threatener to the threatened.
I scorn your shifty evasions, and I scorn you,' said the schoolmaster.
Porlock, Watson, is a nom-de-plume, a mere identification mark; but behind it lies a shifty and evasive personality.