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The 37th annual Leprechaun Convention had another religious element - the awarding of a coveted shillelagh to a priest, and a Colombian one at that.
In addition to the shillelagh (blessed by "himself," Mr.
Shillelaghs will be awarded at the 37th Annual Convention to be held on Saturday, March 16, at 12:30 p.
Most of the shillelaghs sold in souvenir shops are made from hawthorn wood - not the traditional blackthorn wood.
Being awarded shillelaghs are: Moran Dziczek, Bernie Gaughan, Paul Lowe, Philip O'Toole, Geri Sargent, Karen Moore, Anthony Morabito, Christine O'Malley, Fr.
CLINTON - Like the foamy head on a pint of Guinness, yesterday's leprechaun march slowly made its way from the Elks Lodge to Town Hall for the 35th annual Shillelagh Awards.
The awards were authentic Blackthorn wood shillelaghs made in Ireland, a "gnarly, bent tree that only grows in Ireland," Mr.
They'll all be spending a fabulous weekend in the city that never sleeps as it dresses itself up in shamrocks and shillelaghs for a party weekend to remember.
The honorees, who will receive shillelaghs at the convention, are:
This year's recipients - and they do get real Irish shillelaghs (walking sticks) - are:
Sheridan decided to hand out real shillelaghs as awards, Mr.