shining example

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There was grave talk about the bacillus of violence that infected all men who embraced socialism; and father, with his long and peaceful life, was instanced as a shining example of how the bacillus of violence worked.
It is even observed that the wives who quote him to their self-willed husbands as a shining example in reality look down upon him and that nobody does so with greater superciliousness than one particular lady whose lord is more than suspected of laying his umbrella on her as an instrument of correction.
Summary: In what might be a shining example of how successful the Olympics have been so far, the Moon shone through the rings at Tower Bridge.
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The former Reading player said: "Jody is a shining example and with the way he leads his life.
Summary: Raised from building materials of an old temple and a church, a mosque is a shining example of communal harmony in Kerala.
He is also a shining example of the bravery, the fortitude and the determination of our armed services.
Messages poured in hailing Carol, 51, as a shining example to other parents of yobs who cause mayhem and destroy lives.
MetalTek is a shining example of all that is right with Wisconsin manufacturing.
can work together to provide the leadership, capital and planning to make Pacoima and the entire Northeast Valley a shining example of how to build healthy communities.
Thank you, sir, for allowing that photograph of you as a shining example of "senior vitality.
A shining example is the new Stockey Centre, which sits on a reclaimed Ultramar tank farm property.