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The young innocents are shiningly good, the bad uncle and his shadowy world of investors incredibly nasty.
Gathering up into an exquisite sheaf of flowering poetic inquiry and discreet contemplative traversal of self and other both early proses devoted to Poussin and Baudelaire, characteristic, at once dense and aerated texts offered to Pierre Tal Coat, "poesophical" (as Jean-Claude Pinson would say) meditations centered on the work of Michel Leiris and Salah Stetie, other serenely patient and carefully caressed "poems" on writing and painting, Du Bouchet's L'emportement du muet is indeed a book that speaks of passion and unsayableness, dispersal and a telluric presence with which language and plasticity brilliantly, shiningly engage, though conscious of that Holderlinian "openness" that ever has powerfully drawn the mind of this exemplary poet.
Amid a repertoire that seems ever-expanding, Rattle has always had an affinity for American sounds, as he made shiningly clear during his definitive performance over a decade ago leading the Glyndebourne premiere of "Porgy and Bess.
The crime of Sheila Mcgough ("If we spoke the whole truth, which has no point--which is, in fact, shiningly innocent of a point--we would quickly lose our listeners' attention.
Meelis Pakri, somewhat hindered by excess weight, was a shiningly sincere Husbandman.