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SHIP. This word, in its most enlarged sense, signifies a vessel employed in navigation; for example, the terms the ship's papers, the ship's husband, shipwreck, and the like, are employed whether the vessel referred to be a brig, a sloop, or a three-masted vessel.
     2. In a more confined sense, it means such a vessel with three masts 4 Wash. C. C. Rep. 530; Wesk. Inst. h.t. p. 514 the boats and rigging; 2 Marsh. Ins. 727 together with the anchors, masts, cables, pullies, and such like objects, are considered as part of the ship. Pard. n. 599; Dig. 22, 2, 44.
     3. The capacity of a ship is ascertained by its tonnage, or the space which may be occupied by its cargo. Vide Story's Laws U. S. Index, h.t.; Gordon's Dig. h.t.; Abbott on Ship. Index, h.t.; Park. Ins. Index, h.t.; Phil. Ev. Index, h.t. Bac. Ab. Merchant, N; 3 Kent, Com. 93 Molloy, Jure Mar. Index, h.t.; l Chit. Pr. 91; Whart. Dig. h.t.; 1 Bell's Com. 496, 624; and see General Ships; Names of Ships.

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Margaret Harries's wish is to see a bronze statue of a coal miner erected on the quayside at Cardiff Bay, fulfilling a dream of her late husband, the Swansea-born ship-broker Ronald Harries.
In fact, the 1998 version of Five Star is the collective name chosen by tax advisor Phil Donnison, ship-broker Steve Lavallin, media executive Mark Byron, and business partners Brian Holmes and Dave Sheen.
The Tesoro deal lays to rest a mystery which has surrounded its eventual destination and buyer, which have been subject to speculation among ship-brokers and oil traders.

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