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Critique: Published with support from the Spar Nord Foundation, "A Shipload of Women's Memories: Narratives across Borders" is a unique series of personal stories that is a consistently compelling read from beginning to end.
Last Friday, the Iranian foreign ministry spokeswoman dismissed as a media hype for propaganda the western and Israeli news reports alleging that Israel has intercepted a shipload of Iranian mid-range missiles destined for the Gaza Strip.
An Israeli official, speaking on condition he not be named, said Libya had offered Hadad s release in exchange for being allowed to deliver a shipload of aid to Gaza.
13 -- A shipload of US Marines and helicopters arrived to boost relief efforts in Pakistan on Thursday, but Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said his country needs more international help to cope with one of the worst natural disasters in history.
The Fantastic Voyage, billed as the 'Ultimate Party with a Purpose," cruises the Caribbean with a shipload of musical performers to entertain the guests.
I remember how, some years ago, Northumbrian Water in a wave of publicity sent a shipload of sewage pellets to Africa to help farmers there.
This is the reality of that shipload of cancer that docked in Greenore yesterday.
On one day this week, the Iranians were caught "red-handed" sending revolutionary guards across the border into neighboring Pakistan and sending a shipload of arms and ammunition to their proxy forces--also known as the Houthi rebels--in Yemen, Alhomayed said.
The radiofriendly result, of course, is that they sell albums by the shipload and their 02 Academy gig will be a sell-out.
We're organizing a shipload of tools to leave Gulfport, Miss.
The women join a shipload of other "brides" for the six-week journey to their new home.
The seizure by Somali pirates of a shipload of tanks that many believe were destined for South Sudan has highlighted the arms build-up in the region.