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Section 321 shipments may be entered by presenting a bill of lading or a manifest listing each bill of lading.
The company benefited from the inclusion of Fujitsu's shipments from its 2Q18 joint venture.
He said they were conducting investigation into the alleged drug shipments.
USTMA 2017 projected tire shipments 2017 2018 % Units Original equipment tires final forecast change +/- Passenger 45.2 45.7 1.0 0.4 Light truck 5.4 5.5 1.4 0.1 Truck 5.4 5.6 3.7 0.2 Replacement tires Passenger 209.7 210.6 0.4 0.9 Light truck 31.3 31.8 1.5 0.5 Truck 19.7 20.0 1.7 0.3 Total 316.7 319.1 0.8 2.4 All shipments in millions.
Increases in both the volume and value of wine shipments originating in Napa County kept pace with the substantial gains in the overall DtC shipping channel.
Neil Anthony Estrella, chief of the BOC intelligence and investigation service, said his group did not follow up the three other shipments because it 'focused' on the drug shipment.
He added that four shipments of fuel, including two gasoline and two diesel shipments, have been received, noting that the other gasoline and fuel shipments will be coming as per schedule throughout the month.
This report presents forecast and recent quarter review of mobile phone shipment volume, shipment value, and APS, and analyzes manufacturer volume rankings, shipment by maker, shipment by branded vendor, and price trend.
Shipments of open-end rotors improved moderately in 2014 by 2.6% after a decline in the previous two years.
Masonry cement shipments in October of about 213,000 metric tons (t) were up by about 14 percent from those of October 2012.
This marks the sixth consecutive quarter of declining worldwide shipments, it said.
White goods shipments including refrigerators in the year fell 0.4 percent from 2011 to 2.19 trillion yen, against 1.61 trillion yen in consumer electronics shipments, down 43.0 percent, said the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association.