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SHIPPER. One who ships or puts goods on board of a vessel, to be carried to another place during her voyage. In general, the shipper is bound to pay for the hire of the vessel, or the freight of the goods. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1030.

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What modes of transportation is the shipper currently using, and what are its delivery-time requirements?
While it's starting to sound a little stale, the report shows that a strong relationship between a shipper and its 3PL is of vital importance in the evolution of improved logistics operations.
Alternatively, the shipper may always elect service at the pipeline's recourse (cost-of-service) rate.
Shipper [TM]; and International Regulatory Structure booklet provides descriptions of the basic relationships of regulatory agencies and groups.
Instead, it focuses on extending secure areas at airports, requires extensive background checks of workers and heightens scrutiny of "known shipper" lists that allow frequent shippers of airfreight to have their cargo cleared faster.
Another course pursued by hull and marine insurers entails prosecution of a shipper when a catastrophic loss can be traced to its cargo.
Yesterday's admonition to better understand shipper concerns and to respond to them is no longer adequate to ensure carrier success.
have been awarded the railway's Chemical Shipper Safety Award for a flawless safety performance in 2001.
The shipper can and often does carry shipper's interest insurance, which protects the shipper's interest on its cargo.
com, a Web site with daily updates and schedules; and, Traff fic World, Cargo World, Florida Shipper, Gulf Shipper and Shipping Digest magazines.