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In order to convince the maritime industry that Asian ports and waters are safe -- which would have the beneficial effect of reducing insurance fees and shipping costs -- the U.
Though shipping emissions are so heavy, the air impact is not so bad around ports.
The insurer quickly writes a check to the claimant, then sues the shipping company to begin subrogation, said Booth.
Neil McColl, project director of Maritime Transport, a shipping and port company, says that existing cargo routes may limit the number of boxes moved through Panama.
Earlier this year container shipping lines operating from the United States to Asia were calling for across-the-board restoration of freight rates for recovered fiber.
Guideline preparation drew largely from information from the International Maritime Organization Marine Environment Protection Committee on ship recycling and from the International Chamber of Shipping standard inventory of potentially hazardous materials aboard vessels and code of good practice for shipowners.
Shippers and shipping lines need to take all of this into account as they make port choices.