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SHIPWRECK. The loss of a vessel at sea, either. by being swallowed up by the waves, by running against another vessel or thing at sea, or on the coast. Vide Naufrage; Wreck.

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Of course I don't shout that fact on the housetops," the Captain addressed me pointedly, "any more than our friend his shipwreck adventure.
And across the table with his air of watchful, unmoved benevolence, enough in itself to arouse one's interest, there was the man with the story of a shipwreck that mustn't be shouted on housetops.
He does present eight thousand years of history as situated by sixteen shipwrecks, from dugout canoes to the wreck of Costa Concordia.
Interestingly, many shipwrecks in the Red Sea are considered to be the most sought out diving centers.
An estimated 3 million shipwrecks are scattered across the planets oceans.
Author Sean Kingsley, director of Wreck Watch International, documents the negative impact of contemporary global commercial fishing operations on historical shipwrecks, especially the destructive impact of bottom fishing.
Examining Shipwrecks, from Examining Disaster Series
But in his spare time, he indulges his passion for diving the shipwrecks of our state--a passion that has propelled him into a leadership role with the Michigan Underwater Preserve Council (MUPC).
The three Bard plays are crosscast within one acting company and create a world of shipwrecks, grief, laughter, love and reunion.
The Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach and the Viva Wyndham Dominicus Palace in La Romana near Bayahibe, offer all-inclusive rates to dive enthusiasts and those fascinated by shipwrecks and the history of the sea.
Oceans' odyssey; deep-sea shipwrecks in the English Channel, Straits of Gibraltar and Atlantic Ocean.
Wisconsin's Great Lakes Shipwrecks is an interactive multimedia CD-ROM for Windows, that takes the user on an immersive voyage to the depths of Wisconsin's Great Lakes.