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SHIRE, Eng. law. A district or division of country. Co. Lit. 50 a.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The National Shire Horse Show is the largest gathering of shire horses in the world.
This year, the show will feature an exciting shire horse demonstration
Ash End Farm owners, the Rawlins, have been breeding shire horses since the early part of the last century when they had a haulage company known as 'Rawlins Bros' based in Birmingham.
An average Shire horse is 17.2 hands tall (5ft 10in) while the world record is 21.2 hands (7ft 2in).
West Midlands Fire Service Watch Commander Paul Staples said at the scene: "There's a 800kg Shire horse gone down on her hind legs for an undetermined length of time.
The all-weather champion jockey hit the deck after the saddle slipped back on his mount Sparkle in the annual charity Showerking Flying Feather Shire Horse Grand National and, despite having five rides at Windsor two days later, he was signed off by the doctor at Newmarket on Wednesday with soreness.
Chris Wadsworth and Shire horse Tees transporting some of the 150 felled trees
Paul, who runs Shire Horse Carriages in Werrington, Staffs, is now waiting for Sovereign's feat to be confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records.
The two ponies were born on Anglesey to eight-year-old mum Dancer at breeder Emyr Williams' shire horse stud at Ddrydwy Farm.
A new shire horse foal was born just a couple of weeks ago but already stands at more than 4ft tall and has plenty of room to grow.
THE Norfolk Shire Horse Centre (featured in Nelson 'n' Norfolk last week) is now part of the Hillside Animal Sanctuary, and while you can't ride horses there any more you can learn how to handle them.
We have a Shire horse Casper who contracted a liver infection because he'd been left in the sun for weeks.