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Rahul said the prime minister thinks that Indian workers are shirkers as he lambasted the government for attempting to dilute labour laws.
There is no need of work shirker and inefficient personnel particularly in Education and Health Department, she declared.
Promises to get tough with shirkers might have won the Government some plaudits, but it would be unlikely to be as effective as the measures unveiled yesterday.
As an aside on Osborne's failure to crack down on the domicile rule, the Chancellor himself has been named top "Jammie Dodger" as the UK's worst tax shirker - winning more than a third of the votes in a recent online poll.
David Pipe's five-year-old is right up there with the Longueville Manors of this world, and you wouldn't want to trust him if he arrives on the scene with his jockey pulling double, because his past record tells you he's a shirker and he'll do whatever is required to duck a winning opportunity.
Tonight's effort is no shirker, however (along with ``The Runaway'' on CBS and ``Hamlet'' on Odyssey Network, it's tonight's third ambitious film from Hallmark Productions).
SHIRKER workers are doing less than three hours graft during an eight-hour shift, a report shows.
The Los Angeles shirker once took three days off after he cut himself shaving.
The London-based Wombles included tartan-shawled Great Uncle Bulgaria, engineer Tobermory, cook Madame Cholet, excitable youngster Bungo and sleepy shirker Orinoco.
Sam is a shirker with a dead-end job until he is forced to keep a deal made by his parents with the Devil.
A hopeless boozing fiftysomething shirker single father, his five dysfunctional kids, an idiot social worker,The Wilsons probably fancies itself as Channel 4's answer to The Royle Family.
Julia was no shirker in the serial fiancAe stakes, although sheOs finally happily married to cameraman Danny Moder and they have twins.