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This is not the action of a shirker but a demonstration of my willingness to work.
Her daughter Christobel was more controversial, attacking "the male slackers and shirkers in the munitions".
And the argument, the false dichotomy of pushing British people against foreigners, or shirkers against strivers, it's a false argument," he continued.
We are not shirkers and we are not people who don't take responsibility.
Instead, we get fed a daily diet of shameless shirkers, churning out dozens of sprogs and living a life of widescreen TVs, fags and booze, courtesy of Mr Hardworking Taxpayer.
It is too easy for some to conclude that there are people about who are lazy and natural shirkers.
You people have to stop labelling us as scum, junkies or job shirkers.
Aren't they all from the same party whose policies and rhetoric effectively divvied up the electorate into shirkers and strivers when they first came to power?
Male shirkers were more prone to anxiety and heart palpitations and were less likely to be able to concentrate than men who split the housework down the middle with their partners, the study found.
The feminization of shirkers and conscientious objectors in public discourse helped to masculinize male war workers and farmers.
As part of a Los Angeles countywide crackdown on thousands of jury-duty shirkers, a judge ordered Crenshaw and other potential jurors to show up for duty next month or risk a fine.
The Movers and the Shirkers is a critique and extension of a well-cited and important research program: attempts to measure the degree to which legislators shirk, or advance their own policy goals at the expense of those held by their constituents.