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"This is not the action of a shirker but a demonstration of my willingness to work."
The DC said that action against duty shirkers would be taken as a number of applicants were visiting on daily basis to offices from far-flung areas of the district but the concerned officials are not completing their duty hours.
He said that teachers should present themselves as a role model and stern action would be taken against corrupt staff and duty shirkers.
We have now reached Series 14, and I'm beginning to feel sorry for whoever is tasked with coming up with some cheesy new, not-at-all stilted or contrived lines for Lord Sugar's opening address: "I am after workers, not shirkers - winners, not whingers."
Dumgoyne continued: "We admit we have a few shirkers left but we don't consider it any disgrace that a quintette of stalwarts could be got just on the spot to try their strength against the Miltonians, who to all appearance don't seem to be harassed with too much manual labour.
A plea was made for helpers for the Hippodrome meeting which was to be on the theme: "War Till Victory: No Shirkers."
On average, the nation's workforce is missing out on the best part of a week off amid fears they will be seen as shirkers.
I believe the vast majority of teachers deserve massive credit for being committed to making our children's lives better, however, working in an educational school "bubble" they are prevented from being whistleblowers on shirkers.
Dennis proves that, counter to prevailing opinion at the time, these men were not shirkers, but fought heroically.
After relegation last season Roberto di Matteo has endeavoured to axe the shirkers but that isn't a project that is going to strike gold overnight.
I take my hat off to them they were miracle workers, No one could have called parents shirkers.
David Lewis, Aberdare Rhondda Cynon Taf #As David Cameron has significantly benefited from the proceeds of tax havens along with many other rich people, let's focus on solving a problem costing the UK billions a year which forces workers to pay for tax shirkers. Angus Middleton Harrow #People listen to Jeremy Corbyn because he listens to them.