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In sum, The Movers and the Shirkers is an important correction to contemporary studies of representation.
So what of these workers and shirkers, the latter being those who are still in bed with the curtains drawn when the workers pass by?
The only way to get rid of the underbelly of shirkers is to set up a work fair, where people are obliged to do community service.
Too often the shirkers are allowed to get away with their laziness and leave others to do all the work.
In his account of the psychology of these shirkers, Birg comes closest to questions of direct interest to social historians.
Hunt should try getting up early then going to bed late after a long shift instead of threatening to brush fewer crumbs off his rich man's table to force those, whom he clearly views as feather-bedded shirkers, to pull out their fingers.
TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said: "The British workforce is often unfairly portrayed as a nation of skivers and shirkers, but the reality is exactly the opposite.
Dr Barry Morgan says that disadvantaged families are being wrongly labelled 'lazy, drunk shirkers and skivers' Well start drug testing them and then you will know the truth, yes sure some folks need help and some are just plain worthless.
The nation's shirkers haven't donned balaclavas to hold-up benefit offices.
I THOUGHT Barry Gibson (Examiner, April 17) hit the nail right on the head in breaking the myth about scroungers and shirkers.
FORMER Wales prop Duncan Jones insists the Ospreys will prove they are strivers, not shirkers as they end their European campaign.