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Shivaree's sultry chanteuse Ambrosia Parsley would have crooned torchy nightclub laments in an earlier era.
I have never known, personally, of any fatality at a "Shivaree;" but some were reported in other parts of the Province (523).
He knew there'd be a shivaree, so he was ready for them, he had the shotgun upstairs.
Unlike the corn-liquored wedding night serenade from which Shivaree takes its name, its music is a wondrous hybrid of indie DIY rock and techno drawled over spare, mostly snail-paced arrangements of standard American song forms: the country torcher ("I Don't Care"), Philly funk ("Pimp"), and a waltz ("Idiot Waltz").
A lot of good American bands get lost in the translation over here, but given any decent radio play, Shivaree have certainly got what it takes to buck that trend.
If there were only order, if we only heard perfect harmonies, our stupidity would soon fall down toward a dreamless sleep; if we were always surrounded by the shivaree, we would lose our breath and our consistency, we would spread out among the dancing atoms of the universe.
In opera, he is particularly remembered for his collaboration with writer James Reaney, which resulted in a quartet of stage works: Night-blooming Cereus, The Shivaree, Crazy to Kill and Taptoo!
Whether you spelled it shivaree (like we do down in Texas) or charivari (like the dictionary does), a local, recently wedded couple was in for a rough night.
The adult lead singer of Shivaree continues to shake things up, most recently singing a popular recap of the weekly news on Air America.
But with Shivaree ( in the first colours of Sheikh Mohammed ( running poorly, Queen of Poland supplied Loder with his third success in the last seven years of the Listed Star Stakes as she knuckled down well to score under Queally.
They should all be loaded into a semi and driven into the ocean, along with bongo drums' - Ambrosia Parsley, front-woman of the alternative country group Shivaree.