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As soon as they got back the word would get around among the neighbours, usually by telephone, that the couple had returned and that there would be a shivaree for them that night.
Unlike the corn-liquored wedding night serenade from which Shivaree takes its name, its music is a wondrous hybrid of indie DIY rock and techno drawled over spare, mostly snail-paced arrangements of standard American song forms: the country torcher ("I Don't Care"), Philly funk ("Pimp"), and a waltz ("Idiot Waltz").
SHIVAREE TUESDAY, LONDON SCALA It is hard not to love a band whose debut album was called I Ought To Give You A Shot In The Head For Making Me Live In This Dump and it's even easier when they're fronted by sultry country queen Ambrosia Parsley.
NOT only does Shivaree frontwoman Ambrosia Parsley possess a memorable name, her voice is equally unforgettable.
The RadioWoodstock On Stage series continues with a taped audio concert featuring Shivaree.
A CATCHY title always helps when it comes to launching a new band, so American trio Shivaree are off to a flying start with debut album I Oughta Give You A Shot In The Head For Making Me Live In This Dump
If there were only order, if we only heard perfect harmonies, our stupidity would soon fall down toward a dreamless sleep; if we were always surrounded by the shivaree, we would lose our breath and our consistency, we would spread out among the dancing atoms of the universe.
The native Angeleno songbird, a sweetened cross between Shivaree and Nikka Costa with aspirations of Norah Jones, hopscotches between boppy diner show tunes and booming ballads where a string of horns and drums only amplifies the trumpet in a voice.
But with Shivaree ( in the first colours of Sheikh Mohammed ( running poorly, Queen of Poland supplied Loder with his third success in the last seven years of the Listed Star Stakes as she knuckled down well to score under Queally.
They should all be loaded into a semi and driven into the ocean, along with bongo drums' - Ambrosia Parsley, front-woman of the alternative country group Shivaree.