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It was cold and clammy, and made me shiver, but I did not care to stand up and run the risk of being discovered by his sharp eyes.
I grew so cold and numb, finally, that I ceased to shiver.
It made me shiver, because I ain't as brave as some people, but if I showed the white feather--well, I knowed better than do that.
Cross me, and you'll go where many a good man's gone before you, first and last, these thirty year back--some to the yard-arm, shiver my timbers, and some by the board, and all to feed the fishes.
One of manga's masters of horror presents ten twisted stories in the compilation Shiver.
Somebody calls, shouts a stranger's name You shiver without warning Has somebody just walked over Your grave?
After a successful showing on ABC TV show Shark Tank, Shark Wheel is at it again with the launch of their sister brand Shiver Skateboards on Kickstarter kck.
Slappy's army of grotesque henchcreatures won't induce nightmares, but might just send a pleasing shiver down young spines.
The research involved exposing volunteers to increasing levels of cold until they began to shiver.
The newly revised TAP will offer veterans the skills needed to explore education and employment opportunities, and translate military skills and training (to the civilian workplace), as well as provide individualized assistance to successfully register for the right VA benefits and services," said Krystal Shiver, AFRC's other TAP manager.
Then in the summer of 2010 the much-travelled T2 tried the North East and paired up with Derwent Valley release kite WT84 Shiver.
Gray is a huge reef shark who is banished from his Shiver for placing the clan in danger.