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This year's recipients are Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), author and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Northeast Utilities Chairman Charles Shivery.
Our electric operating companies provide critical infrastructure for nearly 2 million customers, and we continue to invest heavily to maintain reliable systems, but economic conditions continue to weigh on the returns of their distribution businesses," Shivery said.
At first I blamed the evening before's cheeky double Tia Maria nightcap but, as the journey went on, I felt sicker, sleepier and more shivery.
In a brisk 81 minutes, Sandberg spins this shivery campfire yarn with such skill and verve that the only thing that matters is making it to the final "boo.
He comes over all lofty-voiced choir boy in Fortress, which builds achingly, all layered with slow, shivery phrasings ("Pull me under, under the ocean"), Different Drugs draws on 80s synths, spiralling into a high keening bridge, while the muted Living Lux swallows you whole (lyrics about lobsters included).
He'd turn all shivery and twitchy (7) 3 Runs off with the special gin when taking care of patients (7) 4 Sounds like a gangster's girl in a US shopping complex (4) 5 Drove all over the place for sole or port (5) 6 Una McLean reveals it's all washed up (5) 7 Paid attention to Len's diet - it's unbalanced (8) 12 The remains of a fire from Alabama's hurricane (3) 13 Was Norm always cutting back, in the usual way?
DIFFERENT SYMPTOMS IN ADDITION to the above, according to the NHS Choices website, those suffering with flu will also experience symptoms like sudden fever and sweating, feeling shivery, more severe muscle aches and pains, and a dry, chesty cough.
Thirteen Chairs is a read-alike for the Short and Shivery series by Robert D.
February 11, 2013: Liverpool 0-2 WBA (McAuley 81, Lukaku 90) - A remarkable double was completed by Steve Clarke's Baggies at Anfield on a shivery Monday night in 2013.
As the two shared fruit cake and tea around a coal fire, here was the ghost story in all its shivery splendour.
But later, when amid shivery frosts Trees shake and petals (1) fall, Then he must further add: At the poles it's somewhat flattened.