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Chapter 4 examines the lead-in and consequences of the August coup, including the opportunity for Yeltsin's reformers to launch shock therapy, which the authors characterize as "catching up with the past" (p.
For patients in whom electrical shock therapy has failed to restore normal heart rhythms, pre-treatment with ibutilide may allow successful electrical shock therapy.
We will have to look into the image of the company but this will not be shock therapy.
electric shock therapy, prefrontal lobotomies, and anything else that neurologists might discover.
Though an architect of the original reform agenda, Sobchak has joined moderates in backing away from economic shock therapy.
Once inside the heart, electrodes on the catheter's tip zapped the abnormal cardiac circuit with a powerful surge of electric current -- a microscale version of the shock therapy commonly used to jump-start the cardiac muscle of heart attack victims.
NYSE: MDT) today released new data from the MVP (Managed Ventricular Pacing) trial that implantable defibrillator patients receiving anti-tachycardia pacing (ATP) were less likely to have health care utilization after treatment as compared to those receiving shock therapy.
As I see things, it is perhaps dreamt up as shock therapy.
Her doctor described her as one of the most ill people he'd ever seen and she endured 12 bouts of terrifying electric shock therapy.
And opening batsman Marcus Trescothick approved of the captain's shock therapy.
However, the plan backfires when TV celebrity Happy Chapman (Tobolowsky) poses as Odie's owner then uses electric shock therapy to zap the dog into submission.
But a TV celebrity, posing as Odie's owner, uses electric shock therapy to beat Odie into submission, ( a scene which might upset young viewers or animal lovers.