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George Carlin provides much insightful observation on the way comedy works, Whoopi Goldberg discusses the nature of shockability and the likes of Robin Williams, Billy Connolly, Steven Wright, Sarah Silverman, Eric Idle (who deadpans that "in England, there's very little an aristocrat won't do") and Hank Azaria join less familiar names as Don Rickles, Andy Dick and Jackie The Joke Man Martling to offer their own versions and reminiscences.
For subjects who fancy their own charisma, see under Kenneth Branagh, while for sheer shockability, re-live exposure to the sight of a scantilly-clad Raquel Welch crucified, an image devised for the poster for feature film One Million Years BCThe captions are also revealing.
You can automatically go for the sheer shockability factor that many of the major motor manufacturers tend to favour.