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Several studies have identified different etiologies in subgroups with shockable and nonshockable rhythms, and it seems reasonable that there are differences in treatment strategies.
ROSC positivity and good neurological outcome rate of the patients having shockable rhythms was 48(76.
She questioned conventional morals and so, quite predictably, scandalised the Russian middleclass - an easily shockable society at the turn of the century.
JB Priestley is a master of that kind of ensemble piece that's got a social relevance, even though the idea of three couples and not being married is not really shockable today," he says.
There were significant differences between pre-and post scores on item 2 (Identify whether rhythm is shockable or nonshockable) (t = -2.
Sixty-five percent (33 out of 51) of the survivors to discharge presented with a shockable rhythm.
There's an algorithm in the device that detects whether the rhythm is shockable or not," says Parry.
Use of an AED in cases of drowning may also be very effective in some cases, but AED users need to expect the more common situation of "no shockable rhythm.
The erotic emphasis of this cover, which gives more weight to the sexual than to the innocent, would strike readers of the 1951 version even more than the less shockable readers of today.
The show didn't really shock me and think it was trying to cram in too many shockable things at once.
If a shockable cardiac rhythm is detected, the AED will charge, and the rescuer is directed to press a button to deliver a defibrillation shock.