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If this does not happen, then the shockable initial rhythm dissolves into a "flat line", which indicates the absence of any electrical activity from the heart.
Cardiac arrest occurred while the emergency medical team was on the scene, the initial rhythm was shockable, the patient was young, immediate high-quality CPR was started, and early switch to transport under CPR to hospital was undertaken after 6 unsuccessful defibrillations.
Early administration of epinephrine (adrenaline) in patients with cardiac arrest with initial shockable rhythm in hospital: Propensity score matched analysis.
The hospital discharge rate was found to be higher in patients with shockable rhythms.
Moreover, 16(18.2%) IHCA cases and 47(20.2%) OHCA cases had shockable rhythms at the time of arrival.
Tonight they are joined by comedian Henning Wehn and presenter Victoria Coren Mitchell, while funnyman Tom Allen joins the ever strait-laced and shockable lexicographer Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner.
The role of hypothermia is recognized in patients with initial non-shockable, as well as shockable rhythms [2].
And here's another thing that may come as a shock to the more shockable among you - madmen (and women) in every single country in the world will find a way to destroy themselves no matter what the cost of alcohol.
Since the new system was installed, dispatchers and responders have experienced a 65 percent survival rate in patients found down in a shockable cardiac rhythm that also received bystander CPR.
Mr Thomas then took over from an Army medic, carried on with CPR and used a defibrillator but found no "shockable" heart rhythm.