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If the evidence supports an argument that the victim's physical symptoms were consistent with a shockable rhythm only after or shortly before paramedics arrived, the defense will claim that something the paramedics did or didn't do--not the health club staff's failure to use defibrillation--led to the victim's injury or death.
Defibrillators are life-saving and their early use improves survival of patients presenting with sudden cardiac arrest due to shockable rhythms if they are used safely and correctly.
Repeat the shock after every 2 minutes of CPR if the rhythm remains shockable (VF/VT).
Berg, "we learned that cardiac arrests due to initial shockable rhythms often have good outcomes, whereas cardiac arrests with shockable rhythms developing during resuscitation typically have poor outcomes.
Middle England,backed by so many shockable pundits and headline writers (it was on ``Channel Swore'' don't forget) seemed to have a collective nervous breakdown.
Mothers are frequently much less shockable than their adult children give them credit for.
I doubt whether this language or the sentiment behind it was too indelicate for anyone other than easily shockable Conservative frontbench.
Special mention must go to Tracey James as gormless maid Ida, whose half-witted expression and rustic, inelegant manner hint at the Julie Walters character Mrs Overall, and Katherine Crawshaw, as shockable parish spinster Miss Skillon, whose twin-set is soon in disarray thanks to trouble with a cycling inner tube and her first taste of alcohol.
You can't hear a spelling mistake" Broadcaster Kirsty Lang on how she copes with dyslexia "I don't think I have ever thought of the art world as shockable.
There are a significant number of cases in which children with pulseless cardiac arrest have shockable arrhythmias, and these should be addressed with cardiac, not respiratory, interventions," said Dr.