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She had said: "I don't know how Tom Kelly can say he is shocked at the plight of trainers" and stated he had been told this at a meeting 18 months earlier involving a number of handlers.
Approximately half of 60 patients were shocked by their ICDs within 2 years of implantation in a 1998 study.
Yet on her new double album, ``Deep Natural,'' Shocked finds herself honing a side less familiar to her audience: her musicianship.
The two officers shocked the boy repeatedly with a stun gun in an attempt to force him to confess to stealing the equipment.
This procedure was utilized, as opposed to a fixed duration shock, so as to be more comparable with past research in our laboratory which utilized escapably shocked and yoked inescapably shocked animals.
He describes the time when he allowed himself to be shocked with the belt.
EMPIRIC compared the proportion of fast heart rhythm episodes shocked using two ICD programming approaches: a strategically chosen (empiric) collection of parameters intended to optimally leverage advanced Medtronic device features; and a patient-by-patient, physician-tailored programming approach.
I'm very happy - and shocked, shocked, shocked,'' said Armenia-born Khodzhyan, 22, a business major who works as a receptionist at a medical management firm.
In recording visible-light emissions from three types of atoms that glow at different temperatures, Hubble's widefield/planetary camera acted as a thermometer, measuring the temperature variation in the recently shocked gas.
The musical event will feature a range of acts, including Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament, punk-folk diva Ani DiFranco, raspy-voiced troubadour Tom Waits, eclectic country rocker Lyle Lovett, roots-rocker Michelle Shocked, country bard Steve Earle, Pakistani spiritual singer Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and composer David Robbins.
But the typical halo found by Magellan encircles the shocked region tens of kilometers beyond the point at which a disintegrating asteroid would have struck the Venusian surface, notes Boris A.