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"The shocker is disabled until they set the alarm off and then the shocker comes into effect.
Utilizing state-of-the-art Shoxx[R] Technology, The Shocker has already become a top-rated diamond blade at Blades Direct.
moments and featuring a thoroughly unsympathetic leading man, it's a Found Footage Shocker more likely to produce exclamations of "FFS!" than yelps of terror.
Urban Shocker, who had four 20-win seasons and won 187 career games, suffered from a heart condition or heart valve disease that did not allow him to sleep lying down.
A TOMB raider discovers more than ruins in this effective shaky-cam horror from the man behind zombie shocker Quarantine.
It's a shocker! Megan Fox and Michael Bay are putting that Transformers feud behind them and making movie magic with another blockbuster.
Ramires committed an over-the-top challenge on Karim El Ahmadi and Villa boss Paul Lambert said: "It was a shocker. That was a leg breaker.
TAKE Paranormal Activity, add Rosemary's Baby then subtract the scares and you've got the latest shaky-cam shocker. The only frightening thing about it is that there's someone out there who thinks this dreck is worth a cinema release.
Wichita native and graduate of East High School, Moore is now a senior Shocker. Majoring in music and being a part of several student organizations, Moore was chosen by the TGG!
Summary: DUBAI - A jobless man, identified as T.A., and a salesman, identified as A.Z., allegedly used an electric shocker, to rob the office of the former's woman friend of $346,000, The Court of First Instance heard on Monday.