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This was our complete corn cutting and shocking cycle in the 1950s.
But the stakes have been raised so high that it's now almost impossible to do anything shocking. It's no longer enough just to plop a pile of feces on the museum floor.
The Church That Forgot Christ is a shocking read in many ways: shocking to hear the sordid details of behind-the-scenes abuse, scandal, and cover-up; shocking to read of such a devout man's heart torn asunder; shocking to read the outrage and damning language of a true believer; shocking to read of the official wall of silence and denial; and of course, as always, it is shocking to hear the very simple, yet so strongly condemned (by some) and ignored (by most) message, "Could we simply have some Christianity put back in Christianity?" But I think that endless battle for common human decency, honesty, and humility is what Christ's message and death was all about.
Misuse of the word, say industry professionals, causes confusion over how and when shocking should be done.