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He is out to 'blacken the image of Israel and its leaders in 1948'; he is one of the world's sloppiest historians and certainly one of the most dishonest; he is a liar; he falsifies history; he is brazen; he 'omits and ignores significant evidence'; he deliberately slants history; he is profoundly ignorant of basic facts; indeed, his histories are 'worthless' as representations of the past'; his contempt for historical truth and fact 'is almost boundless'; he is a 'retroactive poseur'; his work is shoddy 'and has grown shoddier with the years'; by supporting the international boycott of Israel his motive is to hurt the people with whom he works; finally, Morris makes a comparison between Pappe and William Joyce, who broadcast for the Nazis as 'Lord Haw Haw'and was hanged in 1945.
The premise of this 1976 work by Ilene Segalove, titled If You Live Near Hollywood, You Can't Help but Look Like Some Some 8x10 Glossy, is simple enough, and is rendered totally transparent by way of deadpan text accompanying each image, which identifies the source picture and reveals that the shoddier simulacrum shows the artist's "parents having breakfast in their home near Hollywood.
The situation was even shoddier when Australia played Oman in an all-important Asian qualification round that the host lost.
Multi-National United) with its own army has taken over running the population that has taken over administration of the prawn population, but their prime interest is in figuring out how to run the technology on the ship and they want the Prawns to move to even shoddier quarters.
Gould characterized Rifkin's anti-biotechnology book, Algeny, as "a cleverly constructed tract of anti-intellectual propaganda masquerading as scholarship"; he said he had not "ever read a shoddier work.
This all sounds fairly dazzling from the description, but the reality is a bit shoddier in the flesh.
Smaller staffs lead to shoddier journalism, which leads to less trust.
The name given to one of British Leyland's shoddier incarnations, complete with even a faux wood stripe down the side, may turn out to be one of the best-selling cars in the world.