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They were invited to make their recovery by some of the shoddiest and most immature soccer I have seen from Villa all season.
After conceding only seven goals at home all season - the best record in the Blue Square Premier - they produced some of the shoddiest defending imaginable and compounded their problems with a stuttering display in attack.
HOW much longer will First Great Western be allowed to continue providing the shoddiest train service in Britain?
It's a great pity Roger was not in his office on Friday, December 14 when I phoned to invite him to take a look at Framwellgate Bridge, where the cheapest and shoddiest of repaired pointing of the paving had disintegrated due to the frost and made the full length of the bridge resemble a lunar landscape.
The sacking of a man who exceeded all expectations is surely the shoddiest act of a dismal year that has seen the dismissal of more than half the managers in the country.
This is the shoddiest care that I have ever experienced in my nursing career.
If you want to see a load of teenage models who can't act in one of the worst-written, shoddiest films of all time, look no further.
The problem is some of the shoddiest in-game menu systems you've ever seen, making it so hard to even realise what mode you're in - literally to the point where the game seems unfinished.
Fingerprint evidence could be shoddiest evidence ever promulgated in a court of law and, defined as it has been, the "methodological error rate" would still remain zero