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Dhaka, Jumada II 26, 1434, May 6, 2013, SPA -- Bangladeshi police are investigating possible murder charges against the owner of a shoddily built factory that collapsed nearly two weeks ago after the wife of a garment worker crushed in the accident filed a complaint, AP reported.
Shoddily crafted, it lacks finish and the intricate details for refinement that could make it look like a flawless gem--no cracks, no holes.
At the outset, we see Ai, revered for his work at the Beijing Olympics, fearlessly tallying kids killed in the Sichuan earthquake thanks to shoddily built schools.
It is totally unacceptable that the Black Watch, which has proudly served Scotland and the UK for centuries, should be treated so shoddily.
These constructions coalescing into disruptively built or shoddily renovated--but in any case compact--fragments were not just the product of the artist's momentary intuitions while working in a given space.
The government's handling of the share sale, seen as a litmus test for its stalled privatisation agenda, was widely slammed as being aggressively priced, poorly marketed and shoddily executed, with bid details plagued by confusion.
He concentrated in particular neighborhoods, but he sold hundreds of houses in very small communities that were all shoddily renovated, with loans that were never sustainable," Meghan Faux, director of the foreclosure prevention project at South Brooklyn Legal Services, told The Real Deal.
Love Addiction," a smudgy, handheld Japanese no-budget indie that impresses with its vividly sketched, urgent and raw emotions but is otherwise shoddily put together.
Unlicensed electricians may not know the details of building codes, may not handle the permitting process appropriately, and will likely leave the consumer with no recourse if the work is incomplete or shoddily done.
I've also noticed that many of the pot-holes that have recently occurred appear at where previous pot-holes have occurred and have been shoddily repaired.
Sera Evans-Fear, who will be Plaid Cymru's candidate in Rhondda in next May's National Assembly election, said: "From what I hear, people were treated very shoddily by Arriva Trains Wales on Monday.
The chairman and his close aides have shoddily let down your confidence in them by making a mockery of management ethics at the board," wrote Ali, who also heads the National Assembly's Standing Committee on Sports.