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He possessed fear of neither ugliness nor unbridled beauty, neither shoddiness nor riches.
The only surprise when the hosts finally went in front in the 32nd minute was the breathtaking shoddiness of Liverpool''s defending.
Developers cutting corners on the finishes and interiors will be found out as buyers are no longer willing to tolerate shoddiness.
In scenes at Barton and London, Austen dramatizes the effects of their two ways of responding to the shoddiness of the world--one by staying true to her own feelings, the other by diplomacy.
Not coincidentally, Ramkali is festooned with songs and dances that mock the shoddiness of the current system, references to allegations of corruption and mismanagement related to India's preparations to host the Commonwealth Games (starting this month, if the athletes are lucky), and pointed allusions to Sarabhai's Gujarat foe, Narendra Modi.
It took just two days of rainfall for the shoddiness of the Commonwealth Games ( CWG) work in North Campus to show itself.
While it wasn't ideal, this doesn't excuse capitulation and shoddiness.
But these were more expensive items, and the shoddiness was surprising.
She describes "the shoddiness of an audience in which it was virtually impossible to distinguish between student and camp-follower; the always new shock of so many young girls, so few of them pretty, and so many dreadful stockings; so many young men, so few of them--despite the many black beards--with any promise of masculinity.
Moments later Cardiff were punished for their shoddiness when David Marshall allowed a Plymouth cross to travel to the far post, Quinn miscued and Sawyer accepted a shooting invitation to give the Pilgrims hope of progress.
As is traditional with large-scale music events in Cairo, Thursday's concert will be remembered for the shoddiness of its dangerously-bad organization, the extortionate ticket prices, and the profit-driven and meaningless separation of the audience according to how much they are willing to pay.