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I had just got into a good horror film when I first felt my bed move then the house shook.
It looks like a piece of sheet metal, a little bigger than a stove top,'' said Cassey Billingsly, a college student who was working the front desk when guests frantically started calling when the building shook.
Julian Lombardi, a principal of the open-source Croquet Project and Assistant Director at University of Wisconsin's Division of Information Technology, and Charles Shook, managing partner of Tallawa Capital Partners LLC, round out a top-tier board that includes successful entrepreneurs, leading business authorities, and world renowned technology leaders.
We shook every hand except those of sitting presidents Bush and Clinton; thank goodness we had ``gotten'' them during their initial runs.
7 on the Richter scale -- shook this region sometime before the arrival of European settlers.
IKON Office Solutions (NYSE:IKN) announced today that it has been awarded a national contract with Shook, Hardy and Bacon, LLP to provide facilities management and related services.
So it went at the International Documentary Congress 3 last week as two catchy programs, ``Docs Rock'' and ``Docs That Shook the World,'' rolled for appreciative audiences that included documentarians, industry types, docuphiles and just plain music lovers.