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Jurgis could hardly hold the bottle, his hands shook so.
At this moment she chanced to look round, and saw Jurgis: She shook her finger at him.
And a wail of anguish burst from him, great sobs shook all his frame, and hot tears ran down his cheeks and fell upon her.
That shook the My Music X team into action and yesterday they revealed 'Harlem' inventor Buer would be bopping into Dubai for their three-day festival at Atlantis, The Palm.
During the conference, Turki refused to go over to shake the hand of Ayalon, but shook Ayalon's hand when the Israeli official came over to him.
4 : to grasp and move up and down <After reaching an agreement, they shook hands.
The chair I was sitting in swayed from side to side, and the whole house shook with force.
When she shook bending over her husband, his health improved the next day.
Then, they shook the house with the force of a large earthquake.
To stop him from crying, he said he shook Jonny three to five times but did not shake the toddler really hard, the ruling said.
What surprised team members was that the virtual quake originating in the Central Apennines shook Rome for as long as a minute, he notes.
For nearly 25 years, Shook Mobile Technology has been considered the leader in mobilized technology for government, business and industry.