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Thus having settled their accounts, they shook hands and swore to be good friends for the rest of their lives.
We shook hands for the hundredth time at least, and he ordered a young carter out of my way with the greatest indignation.
Crawley and Osborne shook hands together cordially enough: and Becky, in the course of a very few hours, found means to make the latter forget that little unpleasant passage of words which had happened between them.
Levin frowned, shook hands coldly, and at once turned to Oblonsky.
The doctor shook hands with me in the hall, leaving the workman-like footman to open the door.
She shook hands with Anne--giving her Sir Patrick's note, unseen, at the same moment.
Gruffly, Billy said, "It's all right--forget it, sport;" and sullenly he shook hands and with a slow, massive movement thrust the other back toward his own table.
You must not think that he did this viciously; he did it to please the old gentleman, who begged him to do it, and always shook hands warmly and said "Thank you," when he had done it.
The brothers interchanged a glance, and looking at Kate for a little time without speaking, shook hands, and nodded as if they were congratulating each other on something very delightful.
Van Horn shook hands with him--an honour he accorded only chiefs-- and motioned him to squat down on deck on his hams close to the fear-struck girl, who began trembling again at recollection of having once heard Ishikola offer five twenties of drinking coconuts for the meat of her for a dinner.
Surgeon-Major Thomson shook hands with the General and turned towards the door.
I carelessly turned to the window, and stood looking out upon the desolate garden, leaving her to talk to Rose for a minute or two; and then, telling my sister it was time to go, shook hands with the little gentleman, coolly bowed to the lady, and moved towards the door.