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Asked whether the Army would deploy anti-aircraft guns in Mrab to shoot down the drone, Charbel said it "is among a host of proposals that have been discussed in the past 48 hours.
Space experts and analysts say the DOD's anti-missile and anti-satellite planning could benefit from efforts to shoot down a spy satellite that contains hazardous rocket fuel.
The minister reportedly took the view that it would be justified to shoot down hijacked passenger aircraft if the threat to Germany was considered severe.
Lakhani of Hendon, North London,claimed he could shoot down 15 planes on the anniversary of 9/ll.
May 29 - Rebels in eastern |Ukraine shoot down a government military helicopter amid heavy fighting around Slovyansk, killing at least 12 soldiers including a general, officials say.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A number of opposition lawmakers in Pakistan called on the government to shoot down remotely operated American aircraft.
military plans to try to shoot down a simulated ballistic missile launched from a ship by intercepting it with a rocket fired from Hawaii, according to AP.
Like any uber-action hero, Rico can do anything -- he can drive or fly all kinds of vehicles, defy death with a variety of stunts and shoot down packs of armed enemies in droves.
A new Indian law will allow aviation authorities to shoot down commercial aircraft if the aircraft is flown by hijackers toward a strategic location.
Indeed, many are also reserve military pilots who might someday be ordered to shoot down a hijacked airliner because none of the flight deck crew of the civilian plane are armed.
On June 6, the TRW-led team used the THEL/ACTD to shoot down a Katyusha rocket carrying a live warhead.