shoot forth

See: pullulate
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The greater number, instead of leaves, shoot forth blades of capricious shapes, comprised within a scale of colours pink, carmine, green, olive, fawn, and brown.
In fact, as history has often demonstrated, there is no greater defence against rogue words which shoot forth from the fire of ire or ridiculous sentences which burst their way out of a heart filled with zeal than the trusty shield of keeping schtum.
No, this is the time of year when our very own treasure trove of iridescent, emerald spears shoot forth from the fertile soils of Dorset, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Kent (among many others, of course) and beg to be snipped.
Even should Lola pause in her running (and the whole point of the movie is to make sure she doesn't), suggestions of wildness, speed, calamity and chic would continue to shoot forth from her head.