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He was a friend who always had time to shoot the breeze with co-workers about the topic of the day.
Have a pint in St Ronan's Hotel and see how long it takes for someone to say hello and shoot the breeze.
A lot of the blokes were keen to shoot the breeze with him but would probably have been less enthusiastic had Jim asked for an introduction to their sisters.
Shoot the breeze with Cheryl Howard - who adds her grandmother's maiden name for her pen name Cheryl Howard Crew - and you'll know without a shadow of a doubt that you're with an outgoing, optimistic, carefree woman.
Shoot The Breeze provided a first success on his first visit to the course for 18-year-old jockey Brian O'Connell who is the son of Turf Club course inspector Val O'Connell.
So they're sent to Bruges, a Belgian city rich in quaint architecture and gothic arches, where they get to shoot the breeze - and the odd tourist - in a bloody, entertaining yarn.
Caroline Hutchinson will await the handicapper's reaction to Aqua Breezer's 25-length win - the margin would have been somewhat less but for the fall of Shoot The Breeze, who looked held in second place, two out - in the two-and-a-quarter-mile maiden hurdle before deciding on future plans for the mare.
He used to come out and shoot the breeze with me while I was shoeing his horses,'' Ink says.
But the match was halted briefly in the second leg when both players complained of a distracting draught on the oche - and Webster admitted afterwards he wanted to shoot the breeze.
After the conference, folks generally look to talk tech, shoot the breeze, and hack.
In Race2CUNNING HONCHO will not have to improve much to beat this field while in Race 3 SHOOT THE BREEZE is boxed well in behind the slow starting Kaiser Vision.