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of Southern Cal athletic office to shoot the breeze with the football coaches, and ran into a convention.
But to fly there just for a free hamburger and to shoot the breeze might not be worth It.
This market gives us a chance to con sider new product lines and see people that we didn't see in Atlanta and allows us to catch up and shoot the breeze with some of the people we did see in Atlanta.
On the '50s street, you can shoot the breeze with the uniformed service-station attendant.
Moments after the crowd stepped out of SaGuijo's cramped room to smoke and shoot the breeze, John Lloyd Cruz walked in.
As the band prepared for the next date on their tour, we caught up with lead singer Shannen Byrne to shoot the breeze.
A bunch of us would get together regularly at the Abbotsford Bar in Edinburgh and just shoot the breeze.
For example, as I walk through what was once my quiet hometown looking for a stationery shop, I stop and say hello to several people I know, people who, because of things like change that isn't given and post offices that don't sell envelopes, have the time to stand around (even in this hustling new city) and shoot the breeze.