shoot upward

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The soil, it appears, is suited to the seed, for it has sent its radicle downward, and it may now send its shoot upward also with confidence.
Visitors start in an airy pavilion where the rusted tops of two of the World Trade Center's trident-shaped columns shoot upward.
ONION prices touched ` 55 per kg at the Vashi agricultural produce market in Mumbai on Monday, signaling that prices of the vegetable will shoot upward of ` 65 per kg -- the rate at which it is being sold in most retail markets in the state now.
Every day, AdRoll processes around ten terabytes of data, double the amount that exists on Wikipedia, and that number continues to shoot upward," said Aaron Bell, CEO at AdRoll.
Research in the 1980s found that spicule plasma did not reach coronal temperatures but in 2007, Bart De Pontieu, the lead author and a solar physicist at LMSAL, and McIntosh identified a new class of spicules that shoot upward at high speeds, often in excess of 60 miles per second (100 kilometers per second), before disappearing.
The housing market has plenty of inventory, and interest rates are unlikely to shoot upward anytime soon.
Moreover, enormous markets like China are starting to use a lot of oil, leading to some of the demand spikes causing gasoline prices to shoot upward.
Only these jets shoot upward from the tops of clouds.
Workers' compensation costs continue to shoot upward, and in January, employers will be hit with an increase in unemployment insurance costs that will total between $3 billion and $5 billion.
Divers of the human sort who shoot upward too fast develop dangerous bubbles of nitrogen in their tissues.
The number of people watching network news continues to decline while the percentage of people who use the Internet as their primary news source, although still relatively small, continues to shoot upward.
The retail/wholesale company's graph revenue line started to shoot upward when its Lower 48 operations began pumping revenues into the long-time Alaskan firm.