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Such shooting as this was not seen every day in Nottingham town.
As to your shooting and mine, we must let future days decide.
It was dusk turning to dark by the time they reached the remote green by the poplars and accepted the new and aimless game of shooting at the old mark.
I'm morally certain now that Jenkins was the undesirable alien Turnbull wanted to convict in another shooting-affair, but you see the shooting gentleman had another shot in his locker.
It was the same sort of thing; he found a disused target in a deserted yard and couldn't resist indulging in a little secret shooting, like secret drinking.
I've seen shooting and slaughter, but I never saw anything like that.
He and I were all that were left of the DUCHESS'S complement, and I was pretty well to the bad, while he was helpless now that the shooting was over.
I have seen good shooting with the prod and with the latch," said Aylward, "but, by my hilt
But the joy of shooting to hit is a most compelling thing, when once you've learned how to shoot.
They were shooting at us with one of the small cannon which rumour had said they carried on board.
I'll tell you what I shall do, to get up my shooting again,' said Mr.
Although postincident analysis can prove very helpful as a learning exercise, it was not an option available to the involved officers at the time of the shooting.