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No matter where you go, the bottom line is clear: shooting down drones is a crime.
He quoted a military official as asserting Pakistan's capability of shooting down the remotely-piloted aircraft.
I am gravely concerned by the Syrian regime's action in shooting down a Turkish military plane on June 22," Mr Hague said in a statement.
airman did in any war: shooting down seven German Bf 109s on a single mission.
THE US military rehearses shooting down civilian airliners up to four times a week, amid lasting fears of terrorism following September 11, it emerged today.
The decree contained a list of reward categories: 100 million dinars (pounds 35,500) for shooting down an enemy fighter plane.
As described in his Medal of Honor citation, he engaged "in almost daily combat with the enemy from 9 October to 19 November 1942," personally shooting down "23 Japanese planes" and damaging others "so severely that their destruction was extremely probable.
The F3Ds proved their worth and never lost a B-29 to Communist fighters, shooting down seven enemy aircraft, including six MiG-15s.
The downing, if confirmed, would be the second shooting down of a U.
Vin Suprynowicz, writing about the Peruvian Air Force's shooting down of a seaplane near the Colombian border, in the May 6 Las Vegas ReviewJournal.
State Department officials warned that the shooting down of an innocent civilian plane could result in wrongful death suits being brought against the United States and its contractors.
Since by definition a pilot firing from beyond visual range cannot see what he's aiming at, in a swirling air battle, there is enormous risk of shooting down the good guys.