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And remind them, once again, that countries like the US, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran can quickly change their positions and leave us high and dry, meaning that all of the shooting from the hip has real-world consequences, which can't be reversed by a photo-op.
Right now online writing is pretty much in its Wild West stage, with everybody shooting from the hip and no sheriff in sight," they write.
But young jockey JP Magnier - taking over from Norman Williamson - should have the Cowboy shooting from the hip.
Shooting from the hip, with little opportunity to concentrate on framing and focussing, it makes few concessions to aesthetic considerations.
Shooting From the Hip, the centre's annual youth workshops and exhibition will begin March 15, 2001, and the members' show will run May and June 2001.
Shooting from the hip is wonderful, but you have to have a clear-cut plan and be able to stick to it.