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Most of my friends are sitting at the 19th hole and playing gin rummy and shooting the breeze.
Shooting the breeze with a couple of gentlemen, nature called and I found myself equal to the goalscoring challenge.
Iommi posted on his website that when he spoke to the Mail in June he was "merely speculating, shooting the breeze, on something all of us get asked constantly, 'Are you getting back together?
Already, he's musing about a coffee shop - not hanging around there shooting the breeze, but hanging a shingle.
Malo passed some time shooting the breeze in the pro's shop with his coach, Tom Godwin, and his caddie, Colin Forster, a Yorkshireman of Geordie parentage.
Gone are the old farmers who used to sit around the edges of the market leaning on their sticks and shooting the breeze.
They sipped cocktails and occasionally cast lovey-dovey looks at each other while shooting the breeze with folks, including Bell, whose music is featured in the upcoming Tom Hanks' flick "Angels and Demons.
Yup, you've guessed it - while shooting the breeze with Sammy on the Monday morning I said McCoy's mount was a nailing each-way bet
Last he remembers, he was walking up a snowy Vermont road, stopping to help an alcoholic mom and her little girl (their truck was stalled) and then shooting the breeze with a stranger who gave him a ride.
n A friendly plumber who always turns up promptly but insists on shooting the breeze about everything from local schools to existentialism - and then charges me a fortune for the smallest task
I'm going to miss my Friday afternoon cups of coffee in Alderley Edge, shooting the breeze with one of the best things ever to happen to Manchester City.
Like sipping a beer and shooting the breeze with a bunch of your best friends.