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Young people are also the most likely to shop around for a better motor insurance deal, at 75pc (25pc claim they remain with the one insurer year on year).
If you are in a community that is too small and isolated for you to be able to shop around, consider the possibility of ordering prescription drugs by mail.
also said consumers were unable to easily shop around for credit products because making several applications close together could damage their credit score.
The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) has said failing to shop around could see buyers receiving just 75 per cent of the income that they would get from the best annuity on the market.
THE City watchdog today launched a range of comparison tables to help consumers shop around for controversial payment protection insurance.
A third of buyers finance their purchase with a loan, so it's important they shop around for the best rate.
MORE THAN 11 million safe drivers are missing out on big savings by failing to shop around for insurance at renewal time, according to new research.
A third of us could be losing out on car and home insurance, as we can't be bothered to shop around.
Shop around - Even in sales you may be able to find a better deal by shopping around.
Consumers in South Wales are missing out on electricity savings by refusing to shop around for their supplier.
Men are more likely to switch products than women, with 63pc saying they would shop around compared to 57pc of women.
And,according to one web-based insurance specialist,many of them will end up paying more than they need to,by failing to shop around for more competitive rates.