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Detective Constable Steven Grey said: "This was a very traumatic ordeal for the shop assistant. It is vital we catch the man responsible as he could very well do this again."
The shop assistant tried to intervene, but was assaulted, police said.
She was directed towards the exit but not before racially abusing the shop assistant. The suspect is a black woman, around 5ft 8ins tal and wearing a fur leopard print coat.
The shop assistant, although physically unharmed was extremely distressed after the incident.
"He approached the counter with a Kitchen Knife and threatened the shop assistant to open the till and hand over cash.
The shop assistant was attacked in Dagenham, East London, in the early hours of December 30 as she made her way home from her job.
An eagle-eyed shop assistant spotted the suspicious behaviour and tried to take the man's bag - but he punched the woman in the face and ran out of the store.
"This is why we had to slash all the shoes before dumping them," said the shop assistant.
London, May 8 ( ANI ): Shop assistants who seem too eager to flatter would-be customers into buying that expensive dress, are more likely to insult them, a survey has revealed.
Or could the shop assistant's "fruity" sense of humour (or lack of common sense) be the cause of such ridiculousness?
Barcelona, Spain, August 11, 2011 --( With the same friendliness and attentiveness of a conventional shop assistant, but with no opening hours and without the user having to travel to the outlet.