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NGC Software is a leading provider of product lifecycle management, supply chain management, ERP and shop floor control software and services for brands, retailers and consumer products companies.
Based in Burlington, Ontario, Memex Automation, founded in 1992, offers Shop Floor to Top Floor Information - in Real-Time for the discrete manufacturing industry.
Manufacturers approach shop floor integration through various means; some methods are more complicated, and thereby more expensive than others.
In both instances, workers attempted to define their personal and social space on the shop floor.
Data Entry Assistant provides an interface for manual data acquisition on the shop floor.
manufactures furniture for 300 customer orders composed of roughly 3,000 shop floor jobs.
Absent more democratic relations on the shop floor, we are likely to have little more than a proliferation of feel-good laws followed either by disillusionment or endless controversies surrounding intrusive and often costly and in efficient modes of government regulation.
The Bluestones' answer is to create a more genuinely entrepreneurial capitalism by empowering workers on the shop floor.
On top of it, perched a full story above the shop floor, a woman in work gloves and a baseball cap punched in zip codes and loaded mail bags onto conveyor belt; sensor-activated 'drops" then swept them off the belt and into bins the size of Dempsey Dumpsters.
Deltek Costpoint offers new and significantly expanded project manufacturing and materials management capabilities for manufacturing execution, shop floor time collection and barcode and RFID scanner integration.
0 of ProHelp EPM production/process monitoring software, featuring new graphical presentation of the shop floor, new barcode options, and Kanban (lean manufacturing) scheduling, enhanced cavity-pressure graphing, and more charting and configuration choices.
Tesco store managers are being encouraged to spend more time on the shop floor following the rollout of handheld terminals.