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She denied using her son to help her shoplift the Florida JCPenney branch, according to (https://www.
Since the adolescent is likely to have seen his friend shoplift, and may be unwilling to abandon the friend because of this fact (see Johnson 1979), the easiest solution to the conflict may be to conclude that shoplifting is not quite so bad after all.
We also posit that a strong attachment to parents decreases the youth's involvement in shoplifting, both by bolstering the youth's acceptance of the norms against this behavior, and by decreasing the youth's interaction with peers who shoplift.
In addition to these multiple-item measures of the constructs in our model, we also included a single-item measure of whether the adolescents had been dared to shoplift.
Carolin's survey pointed out that most shoplifters knew that shoplifting was wrong and would not advise their children to shoplift.
According to the survey results, women shoplift more than men, since women make up the biggest proportion of the customer base of retail clothing outlets.
But the Venerable Richard Seed, Archdeacon of York, said: "The Church of England does not advise anyone to shoplift, or break the law in any way.
Papworth said he was not encouraging people to shoplift, although ``if people wander in and wander out without paying for the stuff, I think it is a perfectly comprehensible action.
is the author of the book, Why Honest People Shoplift or Commit Other Acts of Theft: Assessment and Treatment of 'Atypical Theft Offenders.
Teens, like adults, usually can recognize the difference between right and wrong, but when their lives become too stressful they become more vulnerable to temptation, peer pressure and other things that can lead them to shoplift," said Peter Berlin, executive director of Shoplifters Alternative.
As young people, they are also open to learning about why they were motivated to shoplift, and what they can do to manage their impulses the next time they have the urge to do it.