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When the camera detects a product on the bottom shelf, the image is matched against a database of about 500 of the most commonly shoplifted items and then the UPC, price and description come up on the cashier's screen.
Second, we may ask how many of those students who have shoplifted at least once have ever experienced a period of intensified shoplifting.
9 who have shoplifted at (2,309) (1,082) (1,218) least once (N) p < .
9 How many items, on average, are shoplifted per day?
Finally, while our dependent measure assessed the types of products the respondents shoplifted, it did not indicate the specific stores or situations in which individual acts of shoplifting occurred.
More women shoplifted than men simply because shopping had become women's work.
Abelson, who felt obliged to note on the dust cover that she has never shoplifted, seemingly confirms that such behavior is regarded as aberrant even in our more permissive times.
Police said the owner of the market, 51-year-old Jo Won Kim, fired three shots at the car because he was angry that friends of Hughes had shoplifted beer from his store.
The loss prevention manager needs to understand the community in which the store is located, what items are shoplifted most, how shoplifting has affected competitors, and the history of shoplifting in the area.