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The manager of Morrisons, Cardiff Bay, suffered a head injury pursuing suspected shoplifters outside the store ROB BROWNE
If a prolific shoplifter breaches the order by entering the town centre they can be arrested before they get the opportunity to shoplift.
It's informative to all customers and may make a potential shoplifter think twice before trying to steal something from your store.
57pm on Tuesday to reports a man had been assaulted by three suspected shoplifters who made off.
During his 20 years in the security industry Barry has almost developed a sixth sense for spotting potential shoplifters.
Most people will automatically answer that question truthfully," he said, "and now, that shoplifter is not going to steal because you know his name.
Horton is a prolific shoplifter who causes misery for stores across Northumberland towns such as Ashington, Bedlington and Blyth and I'm pleased he is serving times behind bars.
If a known shoplifter comes here we will approach them and ask them to leave.
IN January I pointed out that the Channel 4 documentary Secrets of the Shoplifters had entirely the wrong tone, one of levity at the crimes involved.
The shoplifter dropped some of the clothing and paused to pick it up as he made his exit from the shop on Halslall Lane in Formby.
More than $6 billion was stolen by shoplifters and dishonest employees in 2008 from just 22 major retailers, according to the 21st Annual Retail Theft Survey, conducted by Jack L.
After the hearing city centre beat officer PC Guy James said: "Price is the most prolific shoplifter in Devon and Cornwall.