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But the Partnership research found that out of the 270,000 people with a pension fund of less than pounds 40,000 who bought an annuity last year, only 82,000 took advantage of the open market option and shopped around for the best rate.
I could have shopped around at my local bookmakers and got better odds and the correct place terms - and also done my shopping at the local Tesco - instead of travelling hundreds of miles to be offered such distasteful terms.
Mini Cooper driver Jamie said: "I was with Norwich Union and they were offering such a good price when I started with them that I stayed." But when his renewal came round he shopped around. He says: "I saw a Tesco ad and checked it out." To his amazement, Jamie discovered he could slash his fully comprehensive premium from pounds 580 to pounds 273 by taking one of Tesco's own policies.