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41% of shoppers do most of their holiday shopping during November-
And, today's shoppers are more unique, demanding and in control than ever before.
She said she's surprised by how many celebrities pop in to the outlets, in addition to the crowds of shoppers who would like to dress like celebrities.
Determine underlying drivers of growth through Evolution's analysis of key developments such as the rise of smartphone penetration, the rapid launch of new initiatives and changing shopper attitudes towards digital technology.
Assess the increasingly important role of mobile devices in shopper marketing, and the shopper perspective on interaction with social media while actually shopping for grocery.
Though there's a minimal fee, which varies depending on an item's value, shoppers have up to a year to pay the bills off.
Learn about mobile shopper marketing and the use of smartphones in targeting food, drink & grocery shoppers along their path to purchase.
Table 2-2: Key Food Shopper Insights by Motivation for Most Recent Grocery Shopping Trip, 2011
Digital shopper marketing initiatives relate to the use of these media to target shoppers with everything from digital coupons, promotions and recipes - to integrated loyalty schemes, online shopping baskets and enriched product information.
The report draws upon a panel of industry experts from the leading UK FMCGs and retailers, cementing the industry outlook for shoppers and shopper marketing in 2010.
com and registering, shoppers can select groceries by pointing and clicking.
Find out how food and grocery retailers perform in the top-up market, and how their propositions cater for their top-up shopper.