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Fears that switching provider may incur larger fees than staying put appear to be putting many people off shopping around, the findings suggest.
Almost half of bill payers said they do not feel they could save much money and one in four said they thought shopping around would be too much "hassle".
uk - to help cut through the confusion previously associated with comparing energy tariffs and in turn help people to start shopping around for their energy.
However, by shopping around for a better rate and switching provider, that annual income would increase by 6.
The regulator will look for any signs that sales techniques designed to hang onto customers involve putting them off shopping around.
I would urge people to ensure their savings accounts are working hard for them by shopping around for the best rates.
The group, which analysed figures from the Association of British Insurers, said the problem of not shopping around for the best rates appeared to be limited to the least well off, with the majority of people with pension funds worth more than pounds 40,000 taking advantage of the open market option.
BRITONS could typically save themselves more than pounds 100 a year by shopping around for a better deal on their home insurance, a survey indicated.
A NORTH Wales-website business says drivers can save millions of pounds by shopping around for car insurance.
The average motorist with a four-year no claims discount could save more than pounds 125 by shopping around for their car insurance.
In that environment, Con Edison recommends all New Yorkers work to use energy wisely and consider shopping around for alternative energy suppliers through the PowerYourWay program.
BRITS could save pounds 1billion in interest repayments on personal loans by shopping around.