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This leaves twelve hours of actual work, longer by two hours than the day's work of factory women, and longer than the usual day's work of a shopwoman.
On Sunday, the factory-hand and the shopwoman both rest completely; the housemaid only partially; and on Monday, in families where the washing is done at home, she is often required to rise at three or four in the morning to help the laundrymaid.
When in 1811 that veteran of the early 1790s journal Politics for the People, Daniel Isaac Eaton, was prosecuted for selling his edition of Paine's Age of Reason, Part Three, a constable went to Eaton's shop, "the Ratiocinatory" in Ave Maria Lane, "and asked of the Shopwoman for the age of Reason--she said it was the 3d.
The exploitative labor relations that characterized masculine commerce and industry were largely absent here; relations between shopwoman and customer revolved around intimacy not profits.